Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Finery: Gloria Swanson

Happy Friday from the oh-so- glam Gloria Swanson!

Let's talk about this dress for just a moment.  It's a Chanel (but of course) and La Swanson wore it for the film Tonight or Never in 1931.  I love the halter like bodice with the keyhole front design.  And the winged sleeves!  When did that go out of style?  Tragic.  Glamorous Gloria wears the hell out of it - - of course, Ms. Swanson wore the hell out of everything she ever deigned to put on.

Here is another shot of this lovely dress.  We are dealing with black and white stills but I'm guessing this dress was also a very stylish black. You simply cannot go wrong with a black dress, can you?  Gloria knows it too.  Just look at her expression; girlfriend knows she's a badass. Anyone who actually marries a Marquis can absolutely get away with that.

As this was in 1931, Art Deco was all the rage.  Love, love, LOVE Art Deco.  The fireplace is stunning.  I love the inlaid design and the rounded edges.  Do you see the ornate iron work of the grate?   Check out the paneled mirrored wall in the second snap.  Work it, Gloria.  Nothing quite like a perfume bottle with an atomizer.

One thing that you may overlook but is simply fab is the door behind Ms. Swanson.  No simple trim for this lady.  Those Deco lines do her justice.  And check out the design on the actual door.  People in the 30s knew how to live.  I think we need to bring those designs back.

What do you think?


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    1. Yes, indeed! Gloria was one of a kind and an amazing lady.

      Thanks for commenting, alan taylor!