Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!

Bette Davis (on right) and sister Barbara with Harlow

Boris Karloff with Sara

Burt Lancaster with Bill, Jimmy, Sighle, Joanna and Susan

Buster Keaton with Joseph and Robert and wife Natalie

Cary Grant with  Jennifer

Charlton Heston with Fraser, Holly and wife Lydia (and dog!) 

Clara Bow with Robert

Clark Gable with William

Clint Eastwood with dad Clinton

Dana Andrews with Katherine, Stephen and Susan and wife Mary

David Niven with David, Jr. and James

Dean Martin with Gaetano and Jerry Lewis with Danny

Elizabeth Taylor with Francis (plus mom Sara and kitten!)

Elvis Presley with dad Vernon

Errol Flynn and Sean

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 

Franchot Tone with dad Frank and wife Joan

Frank Sinatra with dad Marty

Fred Astaire with Fred, Jr. 

Gary Cooper with dad Charles

Gary Cooper with Maria

Gene Kelly with Kerry

Gene Tierney with Howard

Ginger Rogers and William

Grace Kelly and John

Henry Fonda with Jane and Peter

Alfred Hitchcock with Patricia 

Ingrid Bergman with Justus

Irving Thalberg with Irving, Jr. and Katherine and wife Norma

James Dean and Winton

Jimmy Stewart with Alex (and mom Elizabeth)

Jimmy Stewart with dad Alex and grandfather James

Joan (third from left) and Constance (far left) Bennett with Richard (and mom Adrienne and sister Barbara)

John Barrymore with John, Ethel and wife Dolores

John Garfield with David

John Wayne (left) with father Clyde and brother Robert

Johnny Weissmuller with Johnny, Jr. 

Laurence Olivier with Richard and Tamsin

Marion Davies with Bernard 

Marlon Brando with Marlon, Sr.

Melvyn Douglas with Peter and wife Helen

Mickey Rooney with Joe

Moe (left) and Jerome "Curly" Howard (right) with Solomon

Myrna Loy with David and mom Adelle

Olivia de Havilland with Walter and mom Lillian

Paul Newman with Nell and wife Joanne

Paul Newman with Scott and wife Jackie

Rita Hayworth and Eduardo

Robert Mitchum with James, Christopher and Trini and wife Dorothy

Robert Montgomery with Elizabeth

Robert Taylor with dad Spangler

Ronald Reagan with Jack and mom Nelle

Shirley Temple with George

Spencer Tracy with Susie and John and wife Louise

Humphrey Bogart with Stephen and Leslie and wife Lauren

Jimmy Stewart with Ronald, Michael, Judy and Kelly and wife Gloria

Tyrone Power with Tyrone, Sr.

Vincent Price with Mary Victoria and wife Mary

Wallace Reid with Billy and Betty and wife Dorothy

Walt Disney with Diane and Sharon (and furry friend!)

William Holden with dad William

William Powell with son William David

William Powell with Horatio (and mom Nettie)
Sharon Tate and Paul