Meet Lori

Legal professional by day and (not so) secret writer by night, morning and on breaks, Lori Johnston is a born and bred Atlantan who voluntarily transplanted herself to Southern California with its stunning beaches and horrendous traffic. 

She is slightly more than obsessed with classic Hollywood, the 1930s and Art Deco, as well as being a devotee of Jane Austen, chick lit and things British.

She is a fierce Atlanta Braves fan (as any self-respecting Atlanta native would be) and once dreamt of unseating Bobby Cox to manage the team.  Lori also follows NASCAR's Matt Kenseth and loves watching Turner Classic Movies, HGTV, Bravo reality shows and the ID channel for scares. She knows she spent a past life in Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s and hopes to run into Robert Downey, Jr. in LA and not make a fool of herself. 

She is fluent in Southern and sarcasm and appreciates Mexican restaurants because there is no judgment at having a margarita before noon.  

If you don't see her at the beach or stuck in traffic, Lori is walking her dog, watching old movies and/or working on a book about classic Hollywood.

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