Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Funday Mother's Day Edition: Stars and Their Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day, here are some classic Hollywood personalities with their moms.

Happy Mother's Day!

Angela Lansbury with Moyna

Ann Miller with Clara

Audrey Hepburn with Ella

Bette Davis with Ruth

Carole Lombard with Bess

Claudette Colbert with Jeanne

Doris Day with Alma

Elvis Presley with Gladys

Frances Farmer with Lillian

Frank Sinatra with Dolly

Fred Astaire with Ann

Gary Cooper with Alice

George Reeves with Helen

Ginger Rogers with Lela

Gloria Swanson with Adelaide

Grace Kelly with Margaret

Greer Garson with Nina

Greta Garbo with Anna

Hedy Lamarr with Gertrude

Jack Lemmon with Mildred

Jayne Mansfield with Vera

Jean Harlow with Jean

Jimmy Stewart with Elizabeth

Joan Crawford with Anna

Joan Fontaine with Lillian

John Wayne with Molly

Judy Garland with Ethel

Lauren Bacall with Natalie

Lillian Gish with Mary

Linda Darnell with Margaret

Loretta Young with Gladys

Lucille Ball with DeDe

Mary Pickford with Charlotte

Maureen O'Hara with Marguerita

Mickey Rooney with Nell

Myrna Loy with Della

Norma Shearer with Edith

Paulette Goddard with Alta

Ronald Reagan with Nelle

Rosalind Russell with Clara

Sandra Dee with Mary

Sharon Tate with Doris 

Shirley Temple with Gertrude 

Sophia Loren with Romilda

Thelma Todd with Alice

Tyrone Power with Patia 

Virginia Weidler with Margaret 

Warner Baxter with Jane

William Powell with Nettie 

Betty Hutton with Mabel

Carrie and Todd Fisher with mom Debbie (Reynolds); Debbie Reynolds with Maxine 

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Anna

Irene Dunne with Adelaide

Jean Arthur with Johana 

Lana Turner with Mildred

Larry Hagman with Mary (Martin)

Elizabeth Taylor with Sarah 

Liza Minnelli with Judy (Garland)

Lucille Ball with DeDe and Desi Arnaz with Dolores

Rock Hudson with Katherine


  1. there is something really macabre about this set of pictures

    1. Macabre? I'm not sure I understand why these photos would be considered macabre, David.

  2. These are TOO cool, Lori! It is amazing how much some of these stars look like their mamas! Thanks for this!


    1. Thank you, my friend!

      I really enjoy seeing photos of stars in their "normal" lives, with their parent(s), spouse(s) or kid(s). And yes - - genetics do run strong with some of them, don't they?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and posting, Rupert!